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Maine Articles
Obama's Victory in Maine
Barack Obama raked up another win over the weekend. He won the caucus in Maine allowing him to narrow the gap between him and Hillary Clinton. Voters braved harsh conditions such as harsh winds and snowfall on Sunday to vote for the statewide caucuses. The votes will help to decide how the state's 24 delegates will be allotted at the party's national convention in August. [...]

How To Compare Homeowner's Insurance In Maine
Whenever most of us are considering making any major purchase we want to compare prices. To do this we need to do a bit of research. When it comes to homeowner's insurance in Maine that research includes gathering quotes from several prospective insurance companies. [...]

The History Of Fishing In Maine
Fishing has played an important part in Maine’s rich and varied history from as early as the 19th century. Alongside mining, lumbering and shipbuilding, commercial fishing played an important role in the economic development of Maine, [...]

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